The Media and Coronavirus and Minneapolis Murder by Cop

May/28/2020 7:25AM
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Despite their best efforts the media is losing steam on the minute by minute efforts to keep the country locked down from the virus. Exceptions are places like California, New York City, Illinois and Chicago where those decision makers are already begging for Federal aid to cover their bad decisions.

A glimmer of justice appeared in Chicago where CBS News purged their news staff. Those axed can now say “we are in this together” . See when you push the shut downs you lose ad revenue and “wow” that loses you your job too.

But, the lust for ratings outweighs the little good judgment that exists in what was called journalism. The new goal, promote a nation-wide race war using two cornerstones. A racist woman in Central Park who accused a black bird watcher of assault when he asked her to leash her dog, and a heinous murder by cop in Minneapolis that was taped. It’s Ferguson, MO all over again. With a critical difference.

In Ferguson the media took what was shown in court to be a justified defense by a policemen, and made it unjustified, and destroyed a town. Now, the goal is to take a pure murder by cop and fanning flames to make it a national race war. This country is angry having been locked up and financially devastated by the lock down the media wants continued and can’t stand excessive racial tensions.

The media are lower than politicians and more indestructible than cockroaches.

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  1. BRIAN EARNST says:

    Don’t sell the politicians short their paycheck is guaranteed.

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