The Coronavirus Election

May/02/2020 10:48AM
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The November elections will come down to this one issue. Was opening the country in May/June a good decision or bad?

The Democrats and the media want to keep it closed until everyone is tested or vaccinated. The Republicans want to get people back to work.

The Democrats like the police state being created by the excuse of the virus. Big Government telling all of us what to do and we becoming dependent on them for day-to-day living.

The media that helped sell this situation will support the Democrat agenda almost 100%.

All the risk is with the Republicans but as usual all the rewards. In states with Republican Governors going back to work the media is waiting to pounce if it causes a second round of virus outbreaks. Small problems will be magnified.

People who depend on lost jobs have suffered but have a far greater fear that a second outbreak will destroy them financially. Plus, they don’t know what the new normal is if they go back to work. Will customers return or not.

This is it people. If going back is a success the Republicans sweep the election. If not, the Democrats sweep.

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