Surgeon General Warns of Pearl Harbor/9/11 This Week

April/06/2020 10:27AM
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The Surgeon General rides into town last week to tell us we may all die this week. Jerome Adams, the US Surgeon General, said it will the worst week of our lives.

I have been following the data for all countries reporting their Coronavirus data and there is no evidence of this type of spike in cases and deaths anywhere. In fact, there have been some downward curves in states and for the United States yesterday.

The “Washington Model” they use was taken down two days ago.

I’m going way out on a limb here and suggest this is Chicken Little ‘ the sky is falling” scare crap that this country doesn’t need. We get it 24/7 from the media, mouthpieces for the Democrat Party and the other medical media darlings Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci.

Arizona, has had 64 deaths. The state averages 1,000 traffic deaths a year. Yesterday the state had 12 new deaths. Sweden, where they closed nothing, had 28 new deaths.

We are learning things through all of this. First, the media has never in the existence of TV had this level of viewership. People locked in their houses glued to their TV news. Good business for the media news. Maybe explains why 90% of their reports are negative. Second, if a Democrat is President it’s just the flu, Swine Flu. But, if it’s Trump, the media sees it as an opportunity to take him out. Finally, doctors are lousy forecasters. And, models of this kind of disease don’t work.

I hope I’m right and Dr. Adams is wrong and we see the curve bend down this week rather than up. You can follow for yourself rather than watch the news:

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    You might also like this Johns Hopkins website, which if you click on US and then the deaths breakdown you can get numbers by county / state. So as I write this Maricopa county AZ has 31 deaths listed.

    This seems to be the graphic Fox news uses for their numbers and in practically every article they write about COVID-19

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