Recipe For Becoming Illinois

April/22/2020 12:13PM
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Your state can become just like Illinois. Here are the steps:

1. Elect people to key jobs in the legislature for 90 years combined. Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton
2. Watch as the two key people consolidate power by excessive pension grants. Public employee unions reward them with huge campaign contributions that enable them to support candidates they know will follow their directions.
3. Watch as the two of them ignore the wishes of any elected governor and see the public pensions grow to the point that the state’s highest tax burden in the nation still leaves billion dollar shortfalls.
4. The tax burden begins to create a mass exodus of taxpayers from the state.
5. The ability to borrow shrinks to below junk bond levels.
6. Institute drastic measures to raise money to cover the growing pensions( more retirements, automatic 3% per year raises) like legal marijuana, sports betting, and more casinos.
7. Put in place a puppet governor who will do the bidding of the two Kingpins.
8. Have him try to institute a progressive income tax which will require a public vote and drive more taxpayers from the state.
9. Make sure the puppet is pushing this during the Coronavirus crisis with most of the state out of work and going broke.

Now, knowing no shame, the governor and the leaders of the Land of Lincoln try this:

It’s long and a bit hard to read, but basically the state is trying to use the Coronavirus fund to offset 20 years of bad politics. How do you folks in 49 states feel about saving Illinois by using the Coronavirus as an excuse?

They are not going to adjust the pensions so this is not a one-time deal.

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Comments (3)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    No way in hell should the federal government bail out a failed state. They cut nothing and just spend

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    Mitch told em to file for bankruptcy and start over. This greatly offended Cuomo, one of the failed blue states headed that way shortly after Illinois and California.

    I don’t see how we can justify printing money to pay for most of what is being paid for, when essentially all these stay at home orders are unconstitutional and there is very little scientific evidence that they produce better outcomes than much more limited intrusions in citizens lives.

  3. Alvah withey says:

    You all saw Cuomo,s Graft showing that 66% of people in lock down in New York City GOT the virus,

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