How Many People Will Die of Non-Coronavirus Illness While 100% of Medical Profession is Dedicated to Virus?

April/04/2020 11:54AM
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I have a family member who is experiencing dizziness and headaches. Her mother can’t find a doctor to see her.

She won’t take her to the emergency room because God knows what is there?

She took her to immediate care at CVS and they waited in the car as a doctor came out in a hazmat suit. She had no Coronavirus symptoms. But, they can’t do lab testing. Nor can the immediate care affiliated with the local hospital.

Her regular doctor is not seeing patients.

Basically, the normal medical system is shut down like everything else. So, you not only worry about catching the Coronavirus, you need to hope you don’t have another life threatening illness that needs treatment but will go untreated until this crisis is over.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    I was able to see my endocronologist on March 18th, was a regular appointment. Had some screening questions on phone before I confirmed the appointment, same questions the day I was at the doctor. I think a day later the “cower in place” order went out for all of Massachusetts, doubt I would get to see the doctor for a routine follow up today. Interesting to try an calculate how many people will die from the abundance of caution about the virus.

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