Getting America Back to Normal

April/18/2020 10:56AM
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wrong solution

Why are the Democrat Governors and the media so adamantly opposed to getting the country back to normal?

Congress, I understand. We are living like they live 30 weeks a year. No work, cooped up at home with nothing to do. They don’t understand why we are getting upset. The Democrat Governors got a nice object lesson from Michigan where Governor Whitmer has destroyed her political career by overreaching on Coronavirus control that made zero sense. Abortions are essential but garden seeds and kid’s car seats are not. If you live on a lake you can’t go out in your boat alone.

President Trump handed the ball back to the Governors and they don’t want the ball. The pressure is growing deafening to reopen the states.

Coronavirus is ‘a lie’: Hundreds gather in California to protest … › story

Protests against Colorado’s coronavirus stay-at-home order … › 2020/04/17 › coronavirus-colo…

Dozens of these stories. Many spun by media to try to put the blame back on President Trump for causing the unrest.

Here’s the dilemma for the Governors. Texas just relaxed the retail store restrictions. Democrat politicians and the media is ready to pounce if there is one Coronavirus death. Governor Abbot will be blamed directly for rushing the return to normal.

So, we have a standoff. Many of the 350 million Americans want to start back to normal. Others are convinced it is going to set us back weeks. Someone had to take the risk to see who’s right. Hats off to Texas.

It isn’t the eyes of Texas are upon you, it’s the eyes of America are upon Texas.

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