Coronavirus: Media Created Disaster

March/10/2020 9:34AM
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Never in the history of this great country has the media done more malicious damage than we are witnessing right now with their convoluted coverage of the Coronavirus.

It’s not about a virus, it’s about their hatred of a President an a need to foist their will on us.

Makes me sad about the state of my country.

On 12-7-41 we had Pearl Harbor. The media reported it accurately and appealed to our patriotism. The youth of this country ran to not away, from the military recruiting stations. Today the media creates a crisis and the public hoards toilet paper. Big news in the media. Father in quarantine will miss daughter’s wedding. Sad, but would he be coming with the flu, a heart attack, pneumonia?

It’s all because of a monopoly. You get the news the liberal leaders of the news want you to get and you have few sources.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Years ago I saw an ad for an insurance company that posed the question: “What would life be like without the ability to take a risk?”. Seems to me these days the millenial/GenX folks want the government to keep them 100% protected from everything they perceive as a risk. The three in five in the first wave at Omaha beach who were wounded or killed didn’t adopt that philosophy, and I am forever grateful they were willing to take a risk. Maybe the coronavirus isn’t the end of days the media is portraying it to be.

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