The Barr/Trump Dustup

February/18/2020 9:23AM
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So Barr goes the to media and says Trump’s tweeting is hurting his investigations. Mitch McConnell goes to the media and says Trump needs to stop tweeting. What’s your take on this?

Here’s mine.

If Barr thinks Trump’s tweeting is hurting his investigations he needs to go to Trump and tell him that and point out specific examples and ask him to stay away from those areas. McConnell just needs to keep his thoughts to himself like a good team player.

Barr needs to show his boss and me he is more than a blow hard attorney. Let’s see some indictments. The Democrats impeached Trump over a ham sandwich without an Attorney General’s involvement. The American public believe Biden is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg as evidenced by the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. Rudy is working to prove that. Barr is doing his best Jeff Sessions’ impression. Doing nothing.

McConnell is part of the swamp. Up to his knees in making money and staying in office until he dies. Back slapping and marble mouthing are his success stories.

The media and the Democrat Party are both desperate for dirt and this is just their best shot.

The bottom line. Trump will keep tweeting, Barr better get to work, and McConnell will struggle to get reelected into his 90’s. The media will create these issues to hurt Trump and they will fail yet again. The Democrats will keep praying the media can get one of their losers to beat Trump.

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