Bad Week for the Democrat Party

February/05/2020 10:36AM
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On Monday the Democrat Party demonstrated they can’t run an election in Iowa. Their chosen one, Biden, may have finished fourth in the Iowa primaries. The good people of Iowa have shown they, like 90% of American’s, believe Joe Biden was up to his hair plugs in the corruption in the Ukraine.

They are left with a man who can’t run the city of South Bend, Indiana and two Socialists who want to run everything. Ironic when the party can’t run an election.

Last night the country watched the President tick off the accomplishments since he took the job. This was like watching a CEO detail why his corporation was flourishing. Done in the same style with no gloating nor any mention of the bogus impeachment effort by the opposition. Throughout, the deranged Speaker of the House chewed her cud, showed the rapid eye movements of a speed junkie, and tried to follow his speech on her copy. Meanwhile, the Democrat women wore white with just missing hoods like they were going to do a mass baptism.

As things wrapped up we had this:

Trying to defend her behavior CNN attempted to tie it to healthcare. But, stuttered while trying.

For those of you who can never accept Trump’s style suggesting he is not presidential please label this behavior. Keep in mind this is just some of what she shredded:

pelosi ripping up speechThis act alone, combined with the botched Iowa election, the impressive results President Trump spoke of, and the bogus impeachment that has driven Trump’s approval rating to an all-time high before this will ensure the reelection of Trump, the Republican Party holding the Senate and more than likely the GOP taking the House.

Wrapping up the week, President Trump will be acquitted by the Senate for the mess Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler made. Schiff, by the way, added to the chaos by suggesting Trump might sell Alaska to the Russians. This is not a mentally stable person.

So, Trump will proceed making American greater, and the Democrats and the media will try to do damage control, but somewhere in the bowels of the Democrat leadership they will be trying to figure out how to deep six Pelosi and send Nadler and Schiff to the end of the bench. And, to decide whether to get Bloomberg a box to stand on or to dust off Hillary at the convention.


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