Trump Approves the Suleimani Attack-Democrats and Media Criticize Trump

January/03/2020 11:17AM
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Obama takes out bin Laden, spikes the ball to wild acclaim by media. It may be his sole claim to fame.

Trump takes out Suleimani who had no business in Iraq and may have killed far more than bin Laden.

The fake media goes crazy. The same media that told us that told us that Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria when the Turks went in would result in every Kurds’s death in Syria.

This while Trump shut down the attack on the Baghdad embassy unlike the Bengzahi embassy.

This general is a military figure not a civilian. A military figure who has exported terrorism around the world.

Nancy Pelosi is indignant saying Trump was obligated to inform her of the plans. The person impeaching the President is upset because he doesn’t trust her.

John Kerry was over in Iran advising the leaders about how to work against Trump. This is a clear act of treason and a violation of the Logan Act.

Let’s remember that Kerry and Obama sent millions in cash to Iran wilthout any approval from Congress.




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