The Difference Between President Trump and 535 in Congress Today

January/29/2020 11:09AM
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Why does the media attack Trump on a daily basis and have since he announced he was running?

Because he is not a liberal? They have never attacked a Republican Conservative to this extent. Can’t be just that.

Trump believes the media has run this country long enough and the media disagrees. The other 535 dare not offend the media lest they get the Trump treatment and it might cost them their precious job. Hence, they back off and let the media call the shots.

Romney is the classic example. He begs Trump for support in his election and then turns on him knowing he will get far more exposure by doing that than by being a team player. The man who gave up 4 more years of Obama believes he can still be president.

The media endorses candidates for election and readers buy their choices. The media brought down Nixon and knew at that time they were running the country. The media have an agenda and it’s a Socialist agenda. The Democrat Party follows that agenda not vice versa. Since the day Trump was elected, the media, knowing we have a President who ignores them, have been on attack. The peace and prosperity Trump has brought is not important. Kowtowing to them is far more important. After all, if Trump can break their grip on the voters what do they have left? Being mere journalists, not the all-powerful czars of the nation.  So they push the impeachment agenda. Their existence as they have known it is at stake.

Polls show it’s not working. The more they trash Trump the worse their approval ratings get. The Democrat Party has hitched their wagon to the media and it’s headed off a cliff.

media hates trump

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