Democrat Party Impeachment Comparisons

January/20/2020 10:40AM
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For comparison purposes I’ve found some past examples of efforts that are similar to the current Democrat impeachment effort:

Or this:

Or this:

Pick one you like. For me it’s Geraldo opening Al Capone’s safe in Chicago. Geraldo still lives with that fiasco today and if he were employed anywhere but the media he would be unemployed. Wait. There’s one more. This one is akin to Nancy Pelosi and her efforts in the impeachment fiasco.


This one reads like a scene straight from a screenplay. In 1532, the conquistador Francisco Pizarro invited the Incan emperor Atahualpa to a banquet in the town of Cajamarca. Seeing that the Spaniard had fewer than 200 men with him, Atahualpa determined Pizarro wasn’t a threat. And, having just taken control of the empire from his half brother Huascar, Atahualpa was in a celebratory mood. So the emperor ventured away from his 80,000-strong encampment with just 5000 men, and on the way knocked back a few libations. What could possibly go wrong? After attempting to convert Atahualpa to Christianity, Pizarro sprang the most obvious trap in history, imprisoning the emperor and massacring his soldiers. Atahualpa saved himself from the stake by delivering gold to the conquistadors. But Pizarro executed him anyway, and proceeded to take the Incan Empire, too.


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