Trump’s Syria Pullout

October/08/2019 7:13AM
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Trump announces his decision to pull the troops from Syria. Immediately the critics respond: Senator Mitt Romney?Verified account @SenatorRomney 18h18 hours ago

This man knows a lot about abandoning an ally. He begged Trump for his endorsement when he ran for this position. Trump gave it. Now the weasel he is he abandons his ally daily.
Liz Cheney?Verified account @Liz_Cheney 23h23 hours ago

First, let me point out that all of those quotes(above) were from the respective wizard’s Twitter accounts. Each of them at one time said they wished President Trump would stop Tweeting.

Second, have you heard one Democrat speak out against Biden, the thief?  Maybe it’s the Clinton suicide squad, but Democrats are sure loyal.

Finally, why is Trump dong this? One reason and one reason only. It’s the right thing to do. You will see polls all over the board depending on who does the poll. But, Trump believes keeping a police keeping force in Syria has run it’s course. He makes decisions based n his judgment not the judgment of the generals who never want a troop withdrawal, the politics which are almost always wrong, or the moronic media who will skewer him either way.

Why all the critics? It’s like a free throw in basketball, a mulligan in golf, or a free kick in soccer. By the time we realize it was a good decision no one will ever remember anyone who said it was a disaster.

Classic example. The invasion of Iraq. Hillary criticized that every day of every political campaign for years. But, she voted to do it.

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