Simple Thoughts on America’s Infrastructure

October/17/2019 9:14AM
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As you drive around the country and see sights like the bridge through the Keys in Florida the Mackinaw Bridge,  the interstate highway system, the Hoover Dam, etc. do you consider the probability that the people we have in political office today could never do projects like this? Where did we go wrong?

Have we given our financial capacity to do projects like this with foreign aid to nations that hate us? Like Turkey?

Have we let them pile regulations on regulations that restrict progress?

Have we lost the work ethic and people who could produce this type of work?

Has the lack of bipartisanship in Washington made it impossible?

Do the priorities today leave no room for projects like these or even to maintain those our fathers and grandfathers built? Like immigration, climate change, etc.

Does climate change, itself, insure no progress?

So, if we can’t build or maintain, what do we do? Just observe as it all falls apart?

Saw the classic example of the issues yesterday.

The Speaker of the House has been publically trashing the President of the United States for three years, has accused him of all manner of lies, and is leading an impeachment effort that is going nowhere and tries a sympathy ploy accusing him of calling her a third- rate politician is an unwise publicity stunt  worthy of a third- rate politician. These people are not going to rebuild this country. The President made an executive decision not to engage in war with Turkey. The Democrats and some Republicans use it as a political club.

Look at this woman and tell me she is not deranged

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