Save the Kurds

October/10/2019 8:21AM
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We have 1,000 troops in Syria where the Turkish President says he is sending an army through. You are President Trump. You have options.

1. Start a war with Turkey. Bomb those Turks lined up to cross that border and kill a few thousand. (Guess our 1,000 would be very vulnerable)

2. Send a few thousand of our troops there(late).

3. Leave our 1,000 troops there to be overrun by the Turks.

4. Tell the Turkish President to go do what he has to do in Syria but leave the Kurds alone or you will make him pay.

You are a Republican  Congressman and you have options.

1. Support your President and go public with that.

2. Find a TV camera and tell your fellow Americans how much help the Kurds have been in fighting ISIS and why we owe them more than this. Offer no alternative just criticize the Decision.

Wonder how much different this would be if the member of Congress who disagreed with the decision were given an option. You designate which family member, son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild you designate to replace one of the troops in Syria there to fight ISIS and stop the Turks from entering Syria?

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  1. Brett says:

    Don’t hesitate. End the Turks , They just hijacked our nukes. That itself is cause. The Kurds are our allies. Turkey is ally to Iran.

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