Katie Hill (D) Congresswoman From California

October/20/2019 7:57AM
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katie hill

From PJ Media, sister organization of Red State. My edits completely, no quotes.

Hi, I’m Katie Hill, Congresswoman from California. Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, I’m grooming my 22 year- old campaign staff aide. The two of us have just had a menage a trois with my soon-to-be ex-husband. He took this picture and put it on the Internet. This staffer and I allegedly were involved in a “trouple” relationship with me and my estranged husband , Kenny Heslep. We took multiple vacations together, including a trip to Alaska.

We aren’t divorcing because of her or the picture issue.

No, sadly, my husband, who thought I was declaring myself a lesbian, found I was also having an affair with another Staffer, my Legislative Director, Graham Kelly. Once, Kenny,  found  I had been involved with Graham for over a year, he filed for divorce.

Granted, there is an age difference between the female “staffer” and Kenny and me. She was 22 when we started our three- year “trouple” fun and Kenny and I are in our 30’s ,but it was consensual. Yes, both she and Graham were on the payroll so I might have been breaking some Congressional ethics rules. Hell, that’s why  we have the slush fund. This isn’t like a Monica Lewinsky thing. Yes, I am on the Armed Services Committee and have access to sensitive national security information, but I never said a word to the unnamed female staffer or Graham.

Here’s the bottom line. I represent the state of California and nothing I have done is unusual behavior for California. It’s what we do for recreation. I have my eye on a young lady I may hire so Graham and I can have some fun in a “trouple”. But, we can’t get together on her salary. Plus, she doesn’t want to do any real work and that’s a problem.

So, you “me too” and Women’s Rights people stay out of my face. Just like the media and the DNC have. This is America and California and I have every right to do what I choose in my private life.

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