If I Were a Democrat…….

October/01/2019 6:43AM
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If I was a life-long member of the Democrat Party right now I would be thinking…………….

Am I a Socialist?

Am I such a sore loser I can’t accept the outcome of a legitimate election?

Do I want to see the stock market destroyed?

Am I a globalist?

Am I a crook? (Biden and Hillary Clinton are)

Do I want to make decisions based on the daily spin from a corrupt media?

Am I prepared to vote for a marginal President because I resent Trump’s style more than his remarkable results?

Am I a deadbeat who never plans to work again?

Am I an atheist?

Do I like 7% unemployment or higher?

Do I want to give up my guns?

Do I want open borders?

So I love human feces on my sidewalk

Do I love $10 gasoline?

Do I like to pay higher taxes?

Would it be good to shrink the military?

Am I so convinced of climate change that I would destroy this country supporting the claim?

Do I like bigger government?

Do I want single payer health care?

Is there such an impressive leader with a great platform in that group of 20 that I am compelled to give that person my vote?

Do I believe what great things we have seen in the economy came from Obama?

Just a little check list before you buy into the impeachment and decide which primary to attend in February.

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