We Must Get Journalism Back in America

August/03/2019 13:18PM
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Journalists play a key role in society. Honest journalists stand between dishonest elected officials and we who elect them. Today we are almost totally devoid of that protection.

Here are two examples.

In 2010, Bell, California, a Los Angeles suburb came under public scrutiny. The mayor, former city manager, and six other officials were changed with taking more than $5.5 million from the working-class citizens of this small community of 35,000 people. The mayor was paying himself $800,000 a year. The police chief was paid $457,000, $150,000 more than the police chief of Lo Angeles. How did this happen? The best answer there was no newspaper in Bell.

Now we have the President of the United States shining a light on Baltimore. He paid a price from so-called journalists who accepted the charge of racism from Representative Elijah Cummings who used that to deflect the criticism that Baltimore was both rat and crime infested. This underlines the point that we have no journalists today.

Journalists would be investigating where the $15 billion the accused racist sent to Cummings to clean up Baltimore and improve life for the residents of that sad city. Probably a Pulitzer Prize in it for a journalist who did just that. And a firing from an employer who is an avowed liberal working for a liberal news outlet.

What we have today is a so-called journalist’s opinion on news. An opinion honed in the youth camps of liberal politics once called universities. Without no exceptions those opinions are  identically slanted to the far left. Just like in Bell, CA., no one is watching the store. Corruption operates without audit. If the person conducting the corruption is a Democrat, a minority, and a favorite of the media that person has immunity. Much like the Clinton Crime family.

Some how, some way, we need honest, hard -working investigative journalists back in this country. From towns as small as Bell, CA to major cities and even at the national level we need them to dig into facts and find truth. We have had nothing but their liberal opinions for years now and we have grown weary of some liberal telling to be smart like them. We can get that at the local coffee shop.

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