Jeffery Epstein is Dead but Will Wreak Havoc From the Grave

August/24/2019 7:57AM
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No one can argue that Jeffery Epstein was a bad guy. To me, he ran an underage sex service for equally sick people for financial gain. He was rewarded with great wealth for these services. Whether he committed suicide or was assisted in that end is only slightly relevant.  Bad guys never stop being bad guys.

The epidemic of mass shootings seems like people who want to commit suicide but want to take innocent people with them for notoriety and God knows the media provide that. The liberal media wants to take all guns and this gives them a platform to support their Democrat and Socialist parties.

Epstein doesn’t want all his pals who participated in his debauchery to go unpunished. So, he checked out with a honey trap. A little $500 million reward plan. He has no heirs except his brother and his will he wrote two days before he died took him out of the picture.

Here’s how it works. Every woman who was wronged by the Epstein sex scheme need only come forth and name who was involved and that woman can be given recompense for the wrongs. On one hand it seems Epstein wants to give back to abused and punish the abusers. But, my judgment of the man would say he wants the Bill Clinton’s and others who turned their backs on him when he got caught and tried to lie to put distance between their mutually despicable acts get what’s coming to them.

Gloria Allred is already working the phones. Any woman who was abused by these perverts as a young girl has the right to come forth and name names to get an appropriate sum for the abuse she suffered at the hands of Epstein and his wealthy cronies. I promise you Bill Clinton is not sleeping better with Epstein gone.

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  1. Alvah Withey says:

    The should have cut his dick off years ago, one SICK bastard!!

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