Comey Smirks as He Goes Unindicted

August/29/2019 22:34PM
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comey smirking

The IG report like all bureaucratic reports is ambiguous. Basically, it says Comey damaged the reputation of the FBI by leaking information to the press and lying about that. But, no criminal charges. Flynn languishes in prison for less. Martha Steward did time for far less. Jussie Smollett paid someone to get off . Cops in NYC get doused by water. ANTIFA runs wild in Oregon.

Comey tried to engineer a coup to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States. Whey traitors are discussed Benedict Arnold is named. All he did was plan to hand over a fort to the British, not overthrow George Washington.

Comey may well be the most detested man in America. The Democrats believe the handed the election to Trump with his actions on Hillary’s emails. The FBI employees believe he disgraced the agency. Republicans see him as a person who leaked documents to the press that created a special counsel with zero results except to spend over $20 million and detract from the Trump presidency for two years. Like all narcissists, Comey can smirk despite his trail of destruction and abhorrent behavior. No one thinks Trump made a mistake firing this man.

Bottom line, the scales of justice are unbalanced and she is not blind.

If you are an insider and a liberal you have one brand of justice. The rest of us get the legal kind.

The Justice  Department of the United States had this opportunity to show there is no special treatment and they showed just the opposite.

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