Chinese Tariffs and the Media

August/16/2019 6:30AM
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Anyone who has played sports has heard a coach say “no pain, no gain.”

If we gave 300 million Americans a quiz on how the tariffs work and how they will resolve a problem with China the cumulative score would 2 correct out of 100 questions. The media  would drag that down with their lower total of zero.

Most Americans know and believe China is ripping us off by stealing our intellectual property and by dumping products here with their lower wages and with currency manipulation. We accept that it has moved manufacturing to China and closed plants here and lost good paying jobs in manufacturing. It has financed their 10% GDP growth for years.

Previous Presidents have ignored the problem for political reasons. They knew this country has zero tolerance for pain. During WWII my family did without gasoline and other rationed commodities. All the young men had volunteered to fight, women were working in factories to produce war goods, and everyone accepted the pain.  President Trump promised to end the Chinese game.

The Chinese know this country no longer has any capacity for pain. The media know this too. The media hate Trump because they love Bernie.

So every day the media leads with a story about the damage the Trump tariff fight with China is dong to this country. The polls show that the Democrats have lost the Russian involvement , the border issues,  the impeachment, the racism of the President, the white supremacy issue, and the other attempts the media has used to damage the President. The stock market is making a normal adjustment after a long bull run.

So, now it’s the media assault on the tariffs. This will be the last chance to fix the Chinese economic war with us and the media are using it as a lever to damage Trump with zero facts or logic to their attacks. They find someone who knows absolutely nothing about tariffs and conduct an interview with that person complaining about the hurt the tariffs have put on their economic situation.

The best interests of this country are never served by the media in this land. It’s  all about their political preference.


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