Trump’s Tribute to America

July/04/2019 6:51AM
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flag at grand canyon

Happy Independence Day.

Democrats and their media, it’s not mine, are having meltdowns over President Trump’s big Tribute to America . They have suddenly become fiscal conservatives and question the cost. The troops that weeded Michelle’s useless garden when the government shut down should be doing something else today. Those troops who participated in this tribute would say to a person, it was an honor. An honor  to symbolize our Independence from the King of England and his taxation without representation.

If your news network didn’t cover this event you need a new news network. They all covered gay rights parades for 30 days. The same news networks that didn’t cover the inspiring event are now disparaging it with outright untruths. Or, petty, negative snide comments, like “it rained”.  In truth the crowd was huge and the tribute was not about Trump as some have said but a story about how we gained our independence and the fights we have fought to keep that right. Very stirring.

President Trump takes the people’s tax dollars and uses them to entertain the people. President Obama took the people’s tax dollars and entertained the Obama family which he certainly would have been doing flying them all off to a lavish holiday vacation.


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