The Border Wall Will be Built as Congress Rests for Six Weeks

July/27/2019 7:49AM
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Congress is exhausted from doing nothing so they are off for a much needed 6 week vacation. This in addition to the six weeks already taken so far. Just as they left, the Supreme Court ruled the President can take a few billion from his defense budget to build some wall on the southern border. The infamous Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had blocked this. The overturn rate for this court is 80%, but that’s not the real story. Those overturned are the one’s generally brought to stop some significant issue like the travel ban, the wall, etc. It’s where liberals go to get an automatic ruling in their favor. Judge shopping.

So, while Congress rests and the media spends 6 weeks stressing the inhumanity of a wall, Trump builds. President Trump is a builder and a builder knows how to build. Build an economy, build a military, build a foreign relations policy, and build a wall. Rest assured while the 9th Circuit Court halted this project Trump, knowing the Supreme Count would overturn, has been getting the ducks in order. Contracts let, permits gotten, materials lined up, and people in place.

By the time Congress gets back from screwing the pooch, a lot of the wall may be built. The man, the Congress spends 100% of their useless time investigating, works while they seek cameras and reporters to spread sound bites of useless hatred to an angry country through their media lapdogs. Watch as the wall goes up.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Great blog and so true. Ask any Democrat what they have done for the average American person this last couple of years and I can’t believe they will say anything. Thank God for President Trump.

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