Epstein and Bill Clinton

July/12/2019 7:23AM
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Bill Clinton claims he only flew on the Lolita Express 4 times and he had no knowledge of any inappropriate behavior. bubba and epstein

So Bill who has been accused of inappropriate behavior with numerous women, did conduct inappropriate behavior with one in the White House, was impeached for lying about that, is to believed in this case? Get on a plane with several 14-17 year old girls and he thinks they are going to Disney World? Normally, girls of that age prefer to sit on the lap of old dudes like Bubba?

Let’s face it Bill is a sick man and found another sick man in Jeffery Epstein. They conduced criminal acts together.

Epstein is no fool. He has proof of Clinton’s crimes. Plus, all the girls and pilots and others who were involved know what was happening.

Folks, Bubba is not sleeping well these days. He knows justice is coming, he is lawyered up and working on his story. The cost for all of this will be paid by the Clinton Foundation funded by 25% of this nation’s uranium.


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  1. Al Withey says:

    Get the BASTARD, we got to keep Epstein ALIVE!!

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