Democrat Disasters in the USA vs. Humanity Issues at the Border

July/19/2019 6:45AM
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The Democrats keep the media busy doing their dirty work reporting the inhumane conditions at the border. Kids without toothbrushes, horrors. Drinking out of toilets-well really drinking fountains that look different from those in Queens.

But, what kind of conditions exist in the Democrat Party homeland of Los Angeles?

Not much media coverage of this.

Or, this. 102 kids die in Chicago that had DCFS involvement.

Durbin says the border is a humanitarian crisis. But, kids dying in his Chicago, not so much.

The border crisis is one of Democrat Party involvement. They wrote the laws that force the border patrol to retain illegals and they refuse to fund the problem. But, they and the media blame Trump.

The LA and Chicago issues are pure Democrat Party issues. They are nothing but government incompetence.

Keep in mind, this is the party that is campaigning on free heath care for illegals and 100% Medicare for the country. One must be insane to do endorse either.

I  have to give the media their chops for exposing the problems in Chicago. But, the LA issue is getting very little attention nationally. Probably won’t until dozens die. The state that gouges working people on gasoline and utility costs flushes millions of gallons of human excrement into the ocean.


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