Stories of Two Tragedies-Pick Your Fight

June/01/2019 11:00AM
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Twelve dead in Virginia Beach mass shooting. Democrats scream for gun control.



Thousands cross a bridge from Guatemala into Mexico headed for the US border.

They bring with them:


Diseases: measles, mumps, cholera, parasites, typhus, and other drugs we defeated decades ago.


Crime including murder, rape and experienced drug sales

In Mexico the cartels are producing heroin, crack cocaine, and buying fentanly from China as well as their own mix

These drugs will kill an estimated 100,000 US citizens in 2019. In Kane County, IL. Six have died in the past 6 months. An upscale suburban community.

President Trump calls for a wall-Democrats and some Republicans scream no. President Trump calls for a tariff on all goods coming here from Mexico-Democrats and most Republicans scream no.

It is estimated that $35 billion in drugs from Mexico will be sold in the US this year. Big business, lot’s of money to spread around. Cartels have bought all the governments in Mexico. Do they hire lobbyists in DC to  fight the wall? Do they just buy politicians here like they do in Mexico. Judges? Cops?

What’s your fight?

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