Highlights of Democrat Primary Debates

June/29/2019 7:05AM
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First, a confession, I did not watch one second of the debates.

Second, I scoured print media and listened to and watched Fox News(Sirius radio) to get the perspective of those who did watch.

Here’s what I gleaned. In the first debate the question was asked, “how many of you would provide free medical insurance to illegals in this country?”  All the hands went up. Bernie would tear up everyone’s current insurance coverage and put the entire country on Medicare. The cost of that is $3 trillion. The nation takes in $3 trillion in taxes and spends $4 trillion,  so an additional $3 trillion would need to be found in additional taxes. The wealthiest Americans earn $3 trillion so it would be necessary to take 100% of their earnings to cover Bernie’s health insurance plan. Bernie has trouble understanding the difference between revenue and net profits so we can see why he might be confused. Free college then goes on top of all this. It doesn’t take long to see what happened in Venezuela, does it?

Kamala Harris  attacked sleepy Joe about his comments about working with white supremacists years ago. Then went after him on his position on busing minorities with a touching story of a little girl who was bussed. “That little girl was me.” In that carefully scripted and well-rehearsed dialog she skewered Joe, while he hung his head, saying how hurtful it was to her as a minority to hear him make these racist comments.

Bingo, there it is folks. Senator Harris by this great act of statesmanship against an elderly citizen is imminently qualified to be the next President of the United States, the biggest job is the world. Racism trumps(pun intended) ageism. Picking on the elderly is OK, but mentioning two racists who were Democratic  Senators  in the  70’s is not. Kamala is selling “that little girl is me” t-shirts with this attack reminder on them.

Liz might have taken herself out of the contest with that voice. Most voters had never heard Liz screech. When I think of Kamala and Liz I think of two dog breeds. I cite them not because of sexism but because I believe the Democrat Party would like to run a woman against Trump not Biden. Democrats know full well that the mess Joe and his son Hunter have and the money they took out of the Chinese bank will not pass muster. Joe lives a multi-millionaire lifestyle and has never been anything but a politician who never made more than $200K a year.

So, it gets down to a Pekingese and a German Shepherd. Liz, the Pekingese, yapping and scratching at the ankles of Wall Street and paying off all student loans for $1.4 trillion we don’t have and Kamala, the German Shepherd ripping the ass out of everyone in sight like she did to Judge Kavanaugh and Joe Biden. Some dogs are just not adoptable and Kamala seems to fit that mold. But, she may be the best the Democrat Party has to offer.

elizabeth warren IIpekingese

kamala harrisgerman shepherd

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Comments (2)

  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    The only thing that you did not mention is that Harris is not black and went to school in Canada.
    That is a long bus trip everyday.

  2. Tom Reynolds says:

    Good blog. Go Trump

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