State of Illinois is a Banana Republic Run by Dictators

May/28/2019 20:03PM
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The two dictators who run the state are Michael Madigan, Speaker of the House and John Cullerton, President of the Senate. They have been in over for over a collective 80 years. They make all the decisions for the state. Let’s just examine one entity the state runs , The Illinois Tollway Commission.  It has been fraught with corruption from day one. Add to that incompetence.

When your I-Pass transponder is 60 days from expiring you get an e-mail. It says, ” Your I-Pass Transponder on account ending in 8140 is expired and needs to be replaced. You can obtain a copy of the letter that was mailed which identifies the serial number of the expired transponder number through online account management at Navigate to correspondence to print of copy of the letter. You must bring a copy of the letter along with your expired transponder when visiting a Jewel or Road Ranger location for replacement. Or call 800-UC-IPASS. ”

First of all the transponder is not expired even though you are told it is. Second, this infers a letter has been mailed. None has. Third, if you go to the web site I defy you find the aforementioned correspondence you need to bring to Jewell. Fourth, good luck finding your account number which you need if you call for assistance. You must log onto a site other than the one you are directed to for a source of the required letter.    That letter tells you the transponder must be replaced by the time it actually expires, not immediately.

You have a copy of the letter and the non-expired transponder. Truck down to Jewell and they hand you a new transponder. It has a serial number and an expiration date 9 years from now. No charge, but they tell you it must be activated. You go back to the log-in site and hunt for an activation key. Finally find one and it shows you need to put in the serial number and an activation code. It shows a transponder with both on the back. The one you have has no activation code. You call and they need your account number to assist you. You go back in the site and 10 minutes later find an account number. Call back and here’s what you are told.

“It used to require activation but that is changed now and there is no activation code and as soon as Jewell notifies the Toll Road you  have exchanged your transponder–in one to four days, it will be automatically activated. But, be sure to check it before you use it.” To do that you need to go to step one above or drive through a toll booth to see if the blue light goes on.

Now you have two hours involved in exchanging a transponder that really didn’t need to be exchanged for 60 days. To travel on highways built by my tax dollars and sold as toll ways with money going to education but it  goes to public pensions instead.

You wonder why the state of Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy? It is run by corrupt incompetent politicians who are driving the people who pay taxes out of the state as fast as we can go.

The next ballot will include a graduated income tax proposal that will drive more out.

Maybe this guy was right in 1958:

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  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    It appears that he was very prophetic in his choice of words.
    History has proven him correct.

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