Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren

April/08/2019 10:10AM
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Let’s set aside the groping issue with Joe. He’s just dumber than a stump. Every time he opens his mouth you cringe.  The media and the Democrats excuse it away by saying it’s just Joe being Joe. Really, do we want a person with proven margin intellect in charge of the biggest business enterprise in the world? Probably not.

Moving on to Senator Warren, let’s drop the Native American issues. Just focus on her politics. She’s a one-trick pony selling the idea that she can do great things by dismantling traditional institutions like Wall Street and big corporations. So, it’s that simple. Coming across as a rabid Pekingese snarling and drooling, she sells the old idea that businesses and the wealthy are the bane of the country. A professor she is obviously a Socialist. Bernie Sanders in disguise. No credentials to run anything, like Obama, it’s the diversity push to have a female President. Didn’t we run one angry, unqualified, unlikeable female last time Democrats?

This is from a previous blog about Uncle Joe, and it applies to both of these fine candidates.

April/05/2012 16:27PM

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The gaffmaster, Joe Biden, had a good week. First, he called for “global minimum tax” Wouldn’t that be great? We could kick in the most, just like the United Nations fiasco, and get the least in return.

But, his classic comment was: “I never had an interest in being a mayor cause that’s a real job. You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years. Gee, Joe, does the VP not have to produce? And, didn’t you run for president twice, in 1988 and 2008?  Does the president not have to produce?

This explains a lot. Besides confirming what we already know, Joe is a babbling fool, it explains why few, if any, commitments this administration made have come to pass. Both Joe and his boss don’t see producing anything part of their jobs.

Thanks for clearing this all up for us Joe. Now we understand.


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  1. Kitres says: You had me at the fleeting subliminal messages that flashed across the screen in the orientation video (I”m a sucker for hidden messages). And just when I thought it couldn”t get any better, this amazing story- I laughed, I cried- truly inspirational and moving. Also, @Brother Jim- I put that writing into a decryption tool and with a little ROT13 action it translated as this: “Welcome to the Spacewalkers Foundation for Extraterrestrial Exploration and the Circumvention of Planned Obsolescence. Do you feel alone? Are you confused about your purpose? Do you feel like you were meant for bigger and better things than your life is currently offering you? Of course you do. But there is good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place

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