Barry Obama the Cable Man

April/11/2019 9:28AM
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barry the cable guyThis country has a real attorney general. William Barr announced spying was conducted during the campaign. This put the Democrat Party into panic.  This is the onset of this version of Watergate.

Nixon had the plumbers break into the Democratic campaign headquarters when he was virtually assured to win the election. It cost him the presidency. John Dean was the man who outed everyone for his benefit.

Many believe President Obama approved the electronic break in Trump’s campaign headquarters to give Hillary some critical information to win her election. Democrats, Obama included, were so sure Hillary would win that this was very low risk.

When she lost they went to plan B. Accuse Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election.

Plan C is hunker down and, as Pelosi said, ” Barr is the Attorney General of the United States, not the attorney for Donald Trump”.

Who is the John Dean is this mess? My bet Clapper.

This is really going to get ugly. Uglier than Mueller. Why? Trump didn’t collude with the Russians but the Democrats did wire tap the Trump Headquarters and Barr will prove that. The only question is how high will the investigation go into the hierarchy of the Democrat Party. Personally, I believe Obama signed off on the spying. Will Barr be able to prove that? At some point the race card will be played. When that happens he is getting close.

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