Why Do Democrats Want the Economy to go South?

February/05/2019 23:06PM
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After hearing President Trump’s State of the Union message and the Democratic response I harken back to the early days of Obama’s presidency. The Democrat Party must destroy the economy, not make it hum like Trump has it doing now.

Let me take you back to 2-26-09.

Obama Fares Better if America Gets Worse

February/26/2009 2:20AM

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As I was watching the new president address congress last night I wondered how anyone who is seemingly so intelligent could try to do too much at once. With the economy in a tailspin, Wall Street showing zero confidence in the Stimulus Bill, and his approval rating down to 59%, why do this? Why try Universal Health Care in this climate? Why try cap-and-trade when you have to know it will close down plants, hurt the auto industry, and increase energy costs for all Americans? While I was wrestling with these thoughts, a very, very scary idea came to me. Why not?

The poorer America gets as a country the better Obama does. His socialism is for the poor. Hence, the more people who lose jobs, assets, houses, and wealth, the more voters there for Obama and the Democrats. The Republican Party has nothing to offer this growing group. They become more and more dependent on the government for everything. There is no middle class anymore. Every one’s in the same boat looking for help.

Pundits keep saying if the Stimulus Bill doesn’t work, Obama won’t get a second term. Hogwash. If unemployment goes to 15% Obama has another 8% of the public who will have to vote for him to survive. This is the history of socialism. Where there is a lack of alternative opportunities, people give up and hook up to the big Uncle Sam umbilical cord. More and more every day. When things get bad enough and there is little hope, it’s all the hope you have. This is what President Obama meant about hope all along.

So, if you are Obama, why read the Stimulus Bill before you sign it? It does what you want directionally, so who cares? It grows government and government dependence. Why universal health care? Same thing. Why cap-and-trade? It will bring in a trillion dollars a year in new taxes. It fits the plan. Why free education through college? Fits the plan.

This is the opportunity the radical left-wing socialists have been looking for. A leader who can get support for anything. Control of congress. A weakened opposition. Bobby Jindal showed how weak that opposition has become last night. He blew any chance he had for the Republican nomination with his shaky speech.  A frightened public. They are striking fast before the window closes. If that 59% approval rating should go to 39%, the window is closed.

We need to wake up and see reality. This new president does not care if things don’t get better and America and Americans don’t get back on their feet soon. He gets stronger and stronger as the rest of us get weaker and weaker. He wants another 10% to reach the poverty levels of the primary groups that put him in office. When that happens, he’s Hugo Chavez.


Flash back to 2-5-19 and the Trump economy. He can’t get the media to present any economic news unless it’s bad. The stock market roared ahead, all news shows dropped the stock news. The market went south in the 4th quarter, they brought that news back. Up in January gone again.

The news cherry picks every negative issue in a great economy. See why?

If things are going well Socialism doesn’t sell. It’s that simple.

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