Michael Cohen is a Lying Rat

February/28/2019 13:35PM
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Michael Cohen is a convicted liar. So let’s use Congress to put him on TV to lie about Trump. I have a request to that same Congress. I would like to come and testify about Obama. I believe he’s a narcissist, incompetent, lazy, lying, Socialist who was born in Africa and trained and financed by Soros. You can’t impugn my facts any more than they can Cohen’s. But, anyone testifying about Obama in those terms is branded a racist.

In a week when the Democrat Party went on record voting for the homicide of full-term babies, this was not a smart idea. Putting a rat on TV to read what Lanny Davis wrote for him.. Amazingly his prison sentence shrunk to three years.

While the lying rat demeans  President Trump’s character, said President is in Viet Nam trying to negotiate a peace with a crazy man who possesses nuclear bombs. And, unlike the President who gave the farm away to Iran for nothing, this President walks away from a bad deal.

I didn’t watch the lying rat perform but it occurred to me that he must have been very comfortable in a nest of rats who are world-class liars and thieves and contemptible humans with massive egos.

There is a reason why Congress has a 10% approval rating. They are basically useless as evidenced by this soap opera. William F. Buckley once said: I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.  I would amend that to read, the first 535 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the people elected to this Congress.

Congress has become a joke.  All they do is investigate each other and there are zero consequences. Lying to Congress under oath is no more serious than Congress lying to us on a daily basis.

It’s a comedy and no one is laughing.

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