Democrat Party Rebranded to Murder Inc. With New Abortion Position

February/27/2019 9:52AM
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Your Government and My Twin Granddaughters

June/12/2014 5:16AM

My twin granddaughters just graduated from 8th grade. They are healthy, beautiful, sweet, athletic, and bright. They started life at just under 2 pounds and just over.  They were in neo-natal care for three months and God bless Northwestern Memorial Hospital  they received the kind of treatment that enabled them to be the healthy young ladies they are today.

President Obama has a long history of support for long-term abortion dating back to his time in the Illinois Senate where he put in the same rigorous 10 hour work weeks he has shown as an US Senator and now as our president. Under his watch, and I can’t say with his knowledge, since he seems not to have knowledge of anything under his watch, experiments were conducted with pre-mature babies and oxygen  levels. Those experiments are outlined in this article. The author resigned from CBS news since they did not support the release of the article.  It doesn’t fit their support for  all things Obama.

Here are my granddaughters today. Do you want to support a government and a health care system that will knowingly refuse to allow early birth babies to have the same chance in life these young ladies had? Or, you for that matter, if you are too old to get ObamaCare cancer care. See, with ObamaCare you may be asked to die if you are born too soon or live too long.

twins graduation

The seeds of the new laws in New York state and Virginia were sown in the Illinois statehouse when Obama was an absentee state senator. This week the Democrats took it a step further when they voted down a bill in the Senate to make the New York and Virginia bills illegal. The party has no issue with killing full-term babies.

My granddaughters are now freshmen in college at University of Illinois and University of Colorado. On is studying to be a nurse and the second a teacher.

Have the Democrats gone too far to gain more votes from women? The election in 2020 will tell. This is all done under the auspices of women’s’ rights.  And to support Planned Parenthood. The America I know loves babies and puppies.

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