And, Just Like That, AOC Became a Millionaire

February/10/2019 10:38AM
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Netflix is taking good care of all the Socialist celebrities.

First, the Obamas’ got a big contract to make a do nothing, seen by nobody series.

Then, Susan Rice, the designated liar for the Obama team was named to the board.

Now, is it a coincidence that AOC gets

a pile of cash from Netflix.

Are you getting a whiff of Socialism in the Netflix organization.

AOC must be the envy of everyone in Congress. She became a millionaire in a month. It took most of them a couple of years to steal that much.

Watch the poor little Communist start doing her part for the economy. She will be spending like a Capitalist and donating like a Socialist and still damning the system that gave a bartender with no experience and not much intellectual horsepower this opportunity.

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  1. Cecilia Edwards says:

    what name was aoc born with? However did she become a millionare?

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