Mueller Report Due-Consequences for President Trump

December/28/2018 9:16AM
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Here’s the dope from the pundits:(click title)


Here’s the dope from me. I didn’t charge anyone $30-50 million for this response.

Nothing, that’s the answer, no consequences.

Now, who pays the taxpayers back for spending this money for nothing? Send the bill to the DNC?

Does Mueller become despised for not pulling the plug when he saw this was a dead end? Hell no, guys like him have no conscience about spending your tax dollars. They are like cab drivers who drive every passenger around the block to run up the meter.

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  1. Al Withey says:

    I hope that the president takes any money. Left over from any Agency and we get the wall started and Completed from the of. Coffee table of Deplorables !!

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