Understanding California and the Implications for the rest of the United States

November/01/2018 9:18AM
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This is 30 minutes of the most intelligent discussion of the challenges facing California I have ever heard or read. Progressives want this for the entire country and it simply won’t work. It’s not working for California.

The only thing standing between this and not facing this is President Trump.

I have written several blogs about the Democrat Party trying to work both sides of the street. Appealing to the elites and trying to convince the poor they support them. It’s coming to roost in California where the middle class is leaving because of the tax load, the poor get poorer and a larger part of the population, and roads, schools, etc. deteriorate. One example, the cost of being the world’s leader in environmental progress is driving the cost of energy beyond an average person’s capacity to pay. It’s just another form of taxation on the poor and middle class.

This will scare the daylights out of you.

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