Black Friday and the Immigration Caravan

November/25/2018 19:18PM
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In this country where the economy is good and jobs are going wanting, people line up for hours to save 20% on merchandise the Friday after Thanksgiving.

How far would you walk to get to a place where everything’s free? If you had nothing but the clothes on your back, no education, and no job prospects, just an expensive cell phone.

That’s what California has to offer and if you cross that border that’s the prize.

Liberals paint a picture of people fleeing oppression. The media want you to believe these people all passed their MCATS and are coming here to medical school.

They are throwing stones at the US Border Patrol agents. Tijuana wants them gone. Mexico doesn’t want the border closed since they can’t ship us the billions in goods manufactured there for sale on Black Friday. But, they think its cute that we can’t get them to control their side of the border. Something has to give and it isn’t going to be this President. They have gone too far with this play and it will result in very few coming in and Mexico getting the message that they do what’s right or there are consequences. Tijuana wants the UN involved. Trump should move the UN to Tijuana and that would be good for all Americans. No longer would we support either the useless UN and Tijuana would learn the UN does nothing but accrue costs and then vote against the host country.

The United States of dogma does it again with the evil media leading the parade. Dogma: “We are a country of immigrants’: that means we have open borders. We import poverty and violence and it’s an obligation. A mass shooting; Dogma: “Gun Control” . Hillary loses: Dogma:  “Russian Involvement”, Hurricane: Dogma: “Climate change”. Black President does nothing: Dogma: “Diversity”

President Trump brings a businessman’s common sense to the biggest job in the world. He ignores the dogmatic media and calls them what they are, fake news. He will apply common sense to the border mess, he sees it as the biggest Black Friday sale in history. The United States is for sale.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Just like the “refugees” fleeing the civil war in Syria, who traveled through about a dozen countries with NO WAR, including many culturally, climatologically, and ethnically much closer to the refugees than their ultimate goal: Germany, where the freebies and benefits were the best in the area.

    It’s not about fleeing oppression, it’s about getting the best boodle. And maybe conquering through migration, a bit like the old Roman model of assimilating territories after conquering them 1600 years ago through land grants, intermarriage, and basically breeding the native population out of existence.

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