Obama Crawls out of the Swamp to Speak

September/08/2018 9:12AM
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obama at illinois

Probably this says it all. He always spoke about an intangible issue with zero measurement. Always subjective and impossible to debate. And, in the grand scheme of problems a President must face, not a high priority. speaking with the Reverend Wright cadence and smirking while inserting 74 “I’s ” in this speech, he actually took credit for the economy. The man has no pride.

As I look at this part of his speech, which I couldn’t watch, I recall some things: the Harvard professor and the cop and the beer in the Rose Garden to smooth that over, then “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”, Ferguson, Missouri, cops shot in Dallas, “black lives matter”, Baltimore on fire, and on and on.

Obama was a great gift to the Republican Party and Jimmy Carter.

worst president trophy

The Republicans gained a record number of seats from the local level to the federal level in the 2016 election.  I can’t help but think every time he speaks now he helps the Republicans. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

obama kisses chavezimg_1603IMG_3561pervertsthank you allobama get a dogjong wedgieimg_2612img_2625img_2320untreated veteranimg_2628obama climate changeblaming bushhit the road barackrobin hoodobamas-results

Not a great eight years was it? We can see the difference more clearly as we look back. No troops left in Iraq spawns ISIS, Trump defeats ISIS. Tax increases and thousands of new regulations create 2% GDP as far as the eye can see. Obama says it’s the new norm. It’s 4.2% now and may hit 5% before the year is out. We can go on and on about how much better things are with Trump but you either know that and accept that, or you buy the media and Democrat Party narrative that Trump must be impeached so we can go back to what Obama gave us.

dog humping obama

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