We Are a Country of Immigrants Now–Way Too Many Immigrants

July/05/2018 7:34AM
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This is why we wonder about the numbers of people from foreign countries moving into our communities. Sustaining populations is a good thing, Japan is facing that problem because they have zero immigrants, but crowding our grandkids out of food and resources by the ignorance of Congress is another. *

China implemented their one child law because they couldn’t feed the people. Liberals say, “so, what, this country can accommodate that population growth with no problem”. Sure, with condos next to Old Faithful. If the resources of this country aren’t stretched now, why do we have so many poor, homeless, and dependent people here now? Why are our schools overcrowded and our infrastructure crumbling? How does a liberal worship climate change and endorse this type of domestic population growth? Simple, liberals are dogma people. If the tribal leaders say immigration is good for this country, the followers fall in line and accept the dogma without thought.

So-called scientists are now telling us coffee is good again. Not a little coffee, but the more the better. They took a break from collecting cash from environmentalists and grabbed a handful from the coffee lobby. Put on the pot liberals, it is science after all.


* Special thanks to our crack field reporter Mr. Reynolds for this information.

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    Thanks for the compliment. Just doing my job.

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