Trump’s NATO Meetings Simplified

July/11/2018 15:46PM
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Shame, shame on our President he was hostile to our good friends in Europe. The media and all Democrats and many Republicans in Congress are  embarrassed. He actually demanded they begin paying their fair share as agreed toward the protection of their countries. And, in a very direct manner advised Germany’s Merkel that it was a concern to him that they converted most of their energy dependence to Russia by closing coal-fired and nuclear power plants and converting to Russian natural gas. Not done, he suggested if was improper to have a former German Chancellor , one Gerhard Schroder working for the Russian energy company. So, America pays by far the most to protect Europe from Russia and Germany gives money to Russian for weapons.

Here’s the simplification. Let’s say Chicago which can’t get its crime problem under control contracts with Cicero, a suburb, to provide police protection for the city. Cicero, once a mafia enclave, spends millions and gets ex-mafia to go into Chicago and go after the gangbangers. But, Chicago doesn’t pay Cicero for eradicating crime in Chicago. Further, Cicero finds dishonest Chicago aldermen are actually buying illegal drugs from the gangbangers. How long will Cicero keep protecting citizens in Chicago from crime? Over seventy years?

Hell, no. The failure of any leaders in this country to address this issues speaks volumes about the leaders of this country for the past 70 years. Sure right after WWII it made sense to have peace and troops to make sure Germany didn’t just gear up again like ISIS did in Iraq. But, billions of dollars for 70 years to protect the European nations from Russia, no.

Change is hard and the change agent always gets the brunt of the pain from those who ox is being gored and even his so-called countrymen who don’t want their gutless leaders looking bad or in the case of Republicans in Congress, what can I say? They can’t even get Lisa Page to adhere to a subpoena.

We finally have a true leader who looks after our tax dollars like we watch our budgets. God Bless you President Trump and pay up or we leave NATO Europe. Or, worse yet, we send Cicero in.

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