Election Meddling

July/19/2018 7:41AM
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The issue is the #1 concern facing this country today is Russian election meddling. This, according to the media. What, exactly, is election meddling?

Is it voter fraud?  Democrats deny there is such a thing. But, I live in Chicago and we know it exists here. See, a lot of dead people vote here in every election, and to a person, they vote for Democratic candidates. Death is inevitable, we all die, but I just pray I’m not voting for Democrats after I die. If there is no voter fraud, why can’t we have photographic ID voting requirements? Democrats contend minorities can’t acquire the necessary documents. Pretty racist on their parts don’t you think.

Are millions of illegals voting election meddling? Guess not, since California is about to pass a law making that illegality legal.

It appears the definition only applies to any Russian activity. For $17 million and mounting, we got some Russians indicted for meddling. I read the indictments. Seems they purportedly hacked the DNC computers. My first question, how does Mueller know that, since the DNC hard drive is missing?

But, the intelligence community is on record saying the Russians interfered and it is a mortal and political sin to speak against that.

intelligence agentsWho could question the integrity of this group. One, Brennan, voted for a Communist once, and the other two are on record lying to Congress.

What is the definition of this pursuit? We have heard about it for 670 days non-stop, only the Kardashian’s have lasted longer with no substance.

Here’s my response. These same pundits whot inundate us daily with this drivel told us in 2016 that Trump was out of his mind when he said he would get the GDP to 4%. The Wall Street crowd is predicting 5% for this quarter. That’s what this is all about. “It’s the economy stupid”.

Read my lips, “because of the economy, the Democrats are going down in November.”

They tried Stormy Daniels, they are still trying the kids at the border(even though Obama separated far more than Trump), they tried eliminating ICE( even though ICE has noting to do with the kids), and the last resort is Russian meddling in the election. At a presser with the rude shouting morons who want to make us Venezuela screaming, Trump turned to his left to answer a question from someone asking if he was going to take more questions and he said no. I was watching and saw it happen. At the same time some advocater, I don’t call them reporters anymore, asked if Russia was a threat. Chicago Tribune headlines today, Trump says again Russia is no threat.

So, rest assured it will continue. It’s all they have. The cupboard is bare. They are grasping at straws, but not plastic straws, since that is their singular accomplishment. Banning plastic straws in California.

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