Trump’s Deal With Kim

June/13/2018 6:49AM
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In one country the media are about to change. They will stop blasting propaganda over loud speakers 24/7 to brain wash the public. In the other country it will just get worse. Newspapers, radio, and TV will still be spewing propaganda. Journalism is dead in America. This was proven yesterday.

Trump pulled a historic diplomatic coup. The mainstream media in America picked it apart. They have no idea what is in the agreement but that doesn’t keep them from speculating that it isn’t good. It isn’t journalism here anymore, It’s propaganda supporting a path to Socialism. The Obama dream of making this country Venezuela is dead in the hearts of the voters but not in those of so-called journalists.  The reporting of this historical feat proves that.

Not for voters. In South Carolina, Mark Sanford, the Congressman who claimed to be hiking when visiting his girlfriend as governor years ago, then was elected to Congress, lost his primary yesterday. Why, he crossed Trump.

Beware media, Hollywood, and Democrats. Trump is our president.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    yeah, this link says it best in my opinion:

    Trump derangement syndrome on full display here.

  2. Al Withey says:

    Keep up with your blogs cannot get this info anywhere else!!

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