Progressives Call for the Elimination of ICE

June/30/2018 7:48AM
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The far-left has escalated the border issue to a new level with calls to eliminate ICE. Like most issues based on emotional reactions, not facts, this stems from the “kids ripped from the arms of mothers at the border” situation fueled by the cousins of these liberals, the media.

I’m guessing none of you reading this really know the role of ICE. Further, I would add the politicians who are making this a platform issue and the media who are supporting the idea are equally uninformed.

If you wish to be educated on ICE, here’s a link describing some of the group’s work, including some in New York state, home of two of the early proponents of the elimination plan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who upset Joe Crowley in the primary, and Kirsten Gillibrand, junior senator from the state:

So, an avowed Socialist, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who was raised in an affluent suburb, and a foul-mouthed Senator Gillibrand,  who loves to throw the F word into her speeches, a Bernie Sanders wanna-be, are selling the idea that the elimination of ICE will solve that emotional baby from mom issue. An issue of the magnitude of 200-300 instances. See there were roughly 2,000 kids separated from parents, but many walked across on their own, and others were brought across by non-parents using them to gain entry. Far fewer than those separated during the Obama administration. And, taken care of in a better fashion. More importantly, its the border patrol, not ICE doing the separation.

They are endorsing open borders but attacking the wrong agency to do that. They are going after the agency that is rounding up the hundreds of MS-13 thugs in their state and protecting their constituents from crime, drugs, and danger.

There are 2.7 million minor children who have a parent in jail or prison. In other words, 1-in-28 American children (3.6%) have an incarcerated parent. Didn’t the last President work on the wrong stuff? Media driven.

This seems like an easy issue for the Republicans to use to defeat these advocates. But, without a voice to get the facts out, with the evil media supporting liberals, it may not be heard. Maybe Hillary was right all along.

hillary says democrats are stupid

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