Roseanne’s Tweet

May/30/2018 22:23PM
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We all have seen the tweet from Roseanne about Valerie Jarrett. It was in poor taste and not funny. Was it racial? I don’t know since for me the lines of what is and what isn’t racial seem blurred. Here’s an example: Bush-Obama_Rodeo_Masks_2-219x300In 2013 a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask was deemed committing a racial act and banned from the rodeo for life. A rodeo clown with a George W Bush mask was deemed humorous, even by the President at that time, Bush. I don’t see the racial implications of the Obama mask. I think either can be disrespectable of a sitting President, but not racial. Trump as a chimpHow about this? Does he keep his show?

This is from a Laura Ingraham segment on Fox News. Please take a few minutes and watch. It captures my confusion on this issue.


If you are a liberal with a hatred for all people who are not liberal, relax, you can get away with saying what ever you choose, you are covered by liberal smear immunity. The Supreme Court of political correctness, the mainstream media will make the final judgment on the acts that warrant punishment. Free speech is under attack. Everything anyone says offends someone. Liberals demand severe repercussions and Conservatives are expected to see attacks as a joke and laugh. This was an article by Williamson in the National Review: “Conservatives are at a disadvantage in the theater of mass democracy because people en masse aren’t very bright or sophisticated, they’re vulnerable to cheap,  hysterical emotional appeal. ”

Like this:

kathy with severed head

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Comments (3)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Rules for celebrities thinking they should pontificate on social media:

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    I would like to see twitter go away, but the world’s addiction to mouthing off seems unlikely to let that happen.

    Well, I suffer the fools, but not gladly.

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