Memorial Day 2018

May/26/2018 8:19AM
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Flanders Fields

greatest generationveteranvote for socialismIt just feels different this Memorial Day here in America. Our President respects the military and is building it up to make this country safer. In return, the military respects our President.

We have stopped being a doormat that apologizes for being the big dog. We have stopped wishing we were some other country. The greatness that is America is on full display again.

North Korea returned three hostages and was coming to the table to talk about denuclearization.  They insulted our Vice President and Trump said it’s off. The media and Democrats who almost seemed to be rooting for a nuclear North Korea to see Trump fail were very critical. North Korea apologized and asked to come to the table. This is called negotiating from strength.

ISIS is almost nonexistent. The phony Iran deal is over and most of us knew it was phony.

Those who served our country and the families of  those who did and can’t be here to see this must feel like it was more worth the sacrifice this year.

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