Roseanne:How Starved are Conservatives for non-liberal TV Shows and News?

April/04/2018 9:10AM
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roseanneAbout 18 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday, blowing away TV prognosticators.

The totals are even higher now that three days of time-shifted viewing has been counted.

“Roseanne” notched 25 million viewers total, according to Nielsen’s most current numbers.

“And that doesn’t even include the additional 4.3 million viewers who tuned into an encore telecast on Sunday night — or the growth it will see from Hulu and ABC streaming,” The Hollywood Reporter pointed out.

The trade publication called the show’s performance in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic downright “obscene.”

ABC had projected a 2.2 and a 2.0 rating in the demo for the first two episodes, according to a network source.

The average demo rating for the episodes, counting three days of time-shifting, is now 7.3, a number that translates to the percentage of 18- to 49-year-old Americans with TVs who watched the episode.

ABC executives were optimistic about how popular the reboot would be — but the ratings results were astonishing.

The question is: how did a network that is 98% liberal from top to bottom find the cajones  to air such a show? Did they think we wanted to watch their convoluted crap dishing their version of political correctness forever? Did they not realize they were losing everything to the options: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc? This shows how out of tune the entertainment and news industry really is today.

That brings me to the proposed purchase of WGN by Sinclair Broadcasting. Tim Burke of Deadspin put together a video of local Sinclair stations attacking Fake News.

Now, we Conservatives could show the same type of video of mainstream local news stations attacking Trump at the same time. We switch and we know. But, liberals went bonkers over this idea that a news network could attack them for a change. Trump went to the support of Sinclair, the nation’s largest owner of local TV stations with 173.

Trump needs to get this sale approved. Like Roseanne, 63 million of us who voted for Trump and still support him, need a news option just like we needed a sitcom option. We are tired of the nightly attacks on Trump by local and national news, all three late night talk shows, etc. Give us that option so we can shut down the fake news shows.


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