Why is Trump Firing Everyone?

March/26/2018 7:24AM
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Here’s my thoughts on that in simple terms. He had 20,000 employees in his business. His top-level executives came up through the ranks of the corporation. They did things the Trump way.

He knew absolutely no one in Washington DC and put together his staff on the fly based on reputation. A hodgepodge of career politicians, bureaucrats, military people, and retired business people. Just for one minute imagine this. You are now running the largest business in the world with strangers. In addition, the workers are mostly left over from the previous administration. In reality those workers are there because it’s a job for life, they can’t be fired. Their loyalty remains with their former liberal leader and is consistent with their peers. They are unaccustomed to accountability. Cover our ass people. The new guy is steeped in accountability and proved he will fire their ass based on what he did with the Veterans Administration.

The top people got there by chasing power and infighting with peers to get that power. They are not team players by any stretch of the imagination. Nor are they accustomed to dancing the jitterbug. They dance the waltz, slow and easy. Trump expects results and wants them yesterday.

He is putting together a team he now knows can get the job done his way. John Bolton is expected to clean house per all the Washington media. One former White House official said: “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their s**t.” Most McMaster appointees as well.

Trump is getting a handle on who is on his team and who can be part of a team and who can’t be either. He’s tired of incompetence, disloyalty, and blowhards who waste his time. He’s got enough of all that in the Republicans in Congress and doesn’t need to deal with any of that where he can call the shots.

Obama didn’t need to do any of that since he was a disinterested leader. Like the baton twirler in the marching band, he just strutted and cared less how the band played. Trump will keep replacing that tuba player until he gets one that can play the right music and keep up with the band.

band leader

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Comments (2)

  1. Edna says:

    Thanks, Kathy!I appreciate you !

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    If only he could fire all the beltway barnacles that are attached to the government money spigot and can’t seem to be scraped off!

    You do an excellent job of pointing things out that folks who have never been in business have no clue about.

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