60 Minutes Hit Job on Betsy DeVos

March/12/2018 13:53PM
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In every measure the students in this country score poorly on test comparisons vs. the world. The answer is more money from the left, the media, and the NEA. In that area the US ranks 2nd in money spent per student. Only Switzerland spends more. Change is needed. We have a Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, who is trying to initiate change. Like Governor Walker experienced in Wisconsin when he broke the teachers union, the NEA and the liberal media want zero change and you will be attacked if you try. Leslie Stahl did a vicious hit job on Secretary DeVos on 60 minutes on Sunday. It was reminiscent of the jobs done on Sarah Palin in her candidate interviews. The truth is we don’t do well vs. the world on test scores. Our kids are being poorly educated by a system that allows poor teachers to teach and be protected by a union that siphons off their dues and uses that money to paralyze the system and pay more to those teachers that don’t teach and maintain a wasteful bureaucracy to support the schools. Just think about the average school board. Made up of people who are well-intentioned but have zero business experience. school boards So, Obviously 60 Minutes is pleased that our school systems are failing. So are most Democrats. So are 99% of the media. That probably includes many Republicans who are  in the pockets of the NRA and their union. Pretty much leaves Trump and DeVos, two billionaires who can’t be bought and only have the best interest of the kids in mind. I looked at the state of Wisconsin. Governor Walker broke the teacher’s union 5 years ago. The union sent the goons in and they attacked the state house. Walker got the same treatment DeVos is getting. Most teachers opted out of the union. The Democratic Party is suffering since they don’t get the contributions they once got from the union. Older teachers are leaving the system. Guess they can’t survive without the “can’t be fired” union protection. The state has moved from 16th place in test rankings to number 10. Isn’t that the goal?

Remember the Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin?

In my judgment this interview was worse. Stahl was out to get DeVos from the get go. It concluded with this:” DeVos has gone from a sheltered life in Grand Rapids to this”. Excuse me, does Stahl have a sheltered life in NYC?


Here’s the Google response to the hit job Leslie Stahl did on Betsy DeVos last night. You will go through 20 pages on Google and not find one article defending DeVos.

DeVos struggles through ’60 Minutes’ interview – CNNPolitics – CNN.com


39 mins ago – Washington (CNN) Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbled her way through a tense interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday night, struggling to answer some basic questions about schools in her home state of Michigan and admitting that she does not “intentionally” visit underperforming …

Devos struggles in pointed ’60 Minutes’ interview | TheHill


1 hour ago – Education Secretary Betsy DeVos struggled to answer based questions about education policy and schools during a pointed interview that aired Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

Betsy DeVos’ Embarrassing ’60 Minutes’ Interview Is What Happens …


48 mins ago – in an interview with ‘60 Minutes‘, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos failed to back up any of her claims about the advantages of “school choice” and defunding public schools.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed ’60 Minutes …


9 hours ago – Education Secretary Betsy DeVos appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday night and stumbled in answering questions that journalist Lesley Stahl asked during a pointed interview. Stahl repeatedly challenged the education secretary, at one point suggesting that DeVos should visit underperforming public …

Betsy DeVos can’t answer basic questions on sexual assault, school …


1 hour ago – The secretary of education — arguably the most controversial member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet — on Sunday evening sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes, during which she struggled to answer basic questions about the condition of her home state’s public schools, why she is considering …

Betsy DeVos on guns, school choice and why people don’t like her …

https://www.cbsnews.com › 60 Minutes › 60 Minutes Politics

16 hours ago – Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a devout Christian grandmother from Michigan — who has spent most of her life trying to improve the quality of education for poor kids. So how in the world did she become one of the most hated members of the Trump Cabinet? She is dedicated to promoting school …

Betsy DeVos’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview: Best Twitter Responses – The Cut


3 hours ago – On Sunday night, Education secretary Betsy DeVos sat down with ‘60 Minutes‘ correspondent Lesley Stahl for an incredibly painful interview on school policy and choice. Here, the best Twitter responses.

Betsy DeVos Struggles To Answer Simple Questions In ’60 Minutes …


3 hours ago – Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sat down with CBS’ Lesley Stahl for a “60 Minutesinterview that aired Sunday evening, and DeVos repeatedly stumbled as she faced simple yet pointed questions from Stahl. DeVos is known for her advocacy for school choice, but she was unable to say whether her push … Here’s the spending by student. Image result for education spending by country 2016  Test+Scores+Graphic


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