Democratic Party Platform

January/28/2018 9:39AM
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Based on the past year this appears to be the platform:

1. Repeal the Trump tax plan. It favors the rich and big corporations so we will take your benefits and raise taxes to grow government

2. Weaken the military. Republicans are putting more attention there and we oppose that

3. Single payer health plan-like the VA, Canada, and UK ( Call it Oprahcare)

4. Stop being aggressive with North Korea and Iran and go back to sending them money

5. Renew the Paris Accord where we give money to poor countries because we pollute more

6. Let NATO countries quit paying their dues

7. Put more regulations back in to slow the economy

8. Open borders for all

9. Citizenship and benefits for all

10. Stop US energy production in ND and all the new leases Trump is offering in Alaska and offshore( US has surpassed Saudi Arabia at top oil producer)

11. Stop coal mining in coal states

12. Reinstate ISIS

13. Start supporting the UN when they don’t support us

14. Increase food stamp users

15. Forgive $1.3 trillion in student loans so colleges and universities can keep raising tuition and create more waste and start the process all over again

16. Reverse the stock market momentum

17. Increase unemployment by driving the new manufacturing increases away by taxes and environmental regulations

There will be other tweaks but this is the essence of the platform. We promise our candidates will not tweet. They will read directly from the TelePrompTer and always follow a script written by wiser people(Obama).

This platform will work wonders for America. Just like it has for California which is on the cusp of Communism. Homeless live on the streets which is their public toilet. They are free to throw trash and needles everywhere and panhandle and assault citizens. Cities will become Muslim communities like Dearborn, Michigan and we welcome that just as Germany and Europe has. Illinois, which has embraced this platform for decades, will declare bankruptcy as public pensions exceed all revenue.

The media will tell us daily how much better our lives are with this platform. Most have filed bankruptcy as their products don’t sell.

Who can’t endorse this great platform in the next two elections?


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