Trump’s Pensacola Speech

December/09/2017 8:06AM
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President Trump gave a stem-winder campaign speech in Pensacola, FL. on Friday night. For those who missed it here’s the speech in its entirely.   He hit all the high points. Not Russia, which is the fake media’s focus, but the economy, jobs, national defense, the military, the stock market, veterans, the police, the incompetence of the Obama administration, why he took the job, and things that are important to most Americans. Things not presented to us by our unfortunate liberal media. Things he is forced to tweet about to make public.

Want a nice comparison? Watch the speech and google the speech. Mostly you get one highlight. He endorsed Judge Roy Moore in Pensacola. He did that too.. It’s pretty sad on one hand when a sitting president has to hit the campaign trail to tell us what he’s done. But, sadder yet that so few media outlets covered that speech.

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    He did a great job. He could be a Methodist minister because he was a little long. Isn’t it great he said Merry Christmas and had Merry Christmas signs up. He had the people from Florida and probably Alabama wound up. It was great. Merry Christmas

  2. Dave Fleming says:

    My wife and I both listened to this speech and both felt enlightened by it.
    GO TRUMP !!

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